I am an anarchist mama and community organizer living in the Southern US.


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  1. ChaoticButterfly

    Hi there,
    I recently – by which i mean in the last 10 minutes or so – had the good fortune to read your article for infoshop.org called ‘why i left the anarchist community’ and i’m stoked that people are as vocal and non-dogmatic about being anarchists such as yourself. just wanted to say thank you for writing so wonderfully that you should add the word ‘fantastic writer’ to your ABOUT thing.
    peace, love and anarchy,

  2. Tariq

    I saw your article on infoshop.org, “Why I left the anarchist movement”, and it led me to your blog, which is excellent. I loved all three articles you have posted. You’re a good writer. My partner and I are both anarchists and are parents of an 18-month-old boy (and have another baby on the way), and we have definitely felt some of the same things you have. Some of the best anti-authoritarian work we’ve done in the past couple years has been work we’ve done with people who would never in a million years call themselves anarchists, even though the things they do are very anarchistic; people like midwives and doulas, unschoolers, deschoolers, homeschoolers, freeschoolers, and people who take a very libertarian approach to birth and parenting. Every once in a while we put out a little anti-authoritarian zine called Rebel Stew and are looking for other anarchist parents who may have something to contribute. While we usually focus on things like militarism, war, police state insanity, racism, capitalist exploitation, human rights abuses and the like, we’re working on an issue dedicated completely to birth and parenting. I couldn’t find any way to contact you other than this, so, you have my email address. Please send me an email or let us know how we can contact you.

  3. Hey Amy, I originally discovered your writing about a week ago with your post on Reality Sandwich and was very impressed, also with some of the points you made in comment replies. I added comments to your other posts on 11 o’clock first because there’s a lot in your “Why I broke up…” post I wanted to respond to. I’m working on a new essay, (an expansion of already existing post: http://www.evolver.net/user/satyagrahi/blog/refining_path_freedom_veganic_homestead_communities ) and find myself wanting to say exactly what you did in some of your comments in particular, could I quote you and link to your page? Any replies to the comments I already made would be appreciated too, I’m excited to find someone so on-target & intelligent to share ideas with! 🙂 It’s definitely a rarity to really get where the front-line actually is…
    I really appreciate how this page is low quantity and high-quality, the crucial info & ideas are too often lost within webpages, books and media, keep up the great work!

    • 11

      Hi–please feel free to quote/link. Thanks for alerting me to your essay on Evolver; I agree that the landlessness issue/access to resources is at the heart of everything.

      Take care, thanks for your comments, and keep in touch!


  4. Love your “Why I quit the anarchist community article.” I think it should become the informal manifesto of my anarchist organization, Common Cause. I just posted it on our blog.

    (personal capacity)

  5. Hi,
    Do you have any other place where you publish? Sad to see this blog abandoned. Where are you?

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